MichMeet 2002

Just some pictures I took, in no particular order. No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of my memory of names. Mail me with corrections if I screwed any up. Click on any picture for a larger image (approximately 60k).

Arythyn ponders a camera
Zot and Lazuli
Quujquux aka Q aka Quujy aka Hairball aka <hairball sound> aka Bob aka "Hey!" doing his Mauver-in-the-Headlights impression, Pyronnic, Ashley, Dactylos, someone, and Baghira
Clockwise from Lorithan (this picture's deer impression), Holi, Sirinek, Zot, Lazuli, Anarchus, Arythyn, Xyppe, and Cheerio. In the background, Spix, Fredpie, Nino, Ophelia, Aurora, and Elara enjoy a rousing game of Set
Maerlyn, the back of Inanna's head, Zephyr waving, Axia, Lj, Ping, and Clay
Mictian and a thoroughly unflattering shot of Squeak's eyelids. Or maybe she's sneezing. Or yelling at me for taking her picture.
The aforementioned rousing game of Set, featuring Spix, Fredpie, Nino, and the back of Elara's head.
A lot of people. Lj, Summer in the background (I think), Zephyr, Clay, Quujquux, Divineone, Maerlyn, Inanna, and Axia
Zephyr with... something. Something very menacing.
Sauraun and wife
Tygerlilly and Sirinek
Cruel Xyppe has slain Lazuli! Alas!
Arythyn and Cabol, with a little Pyronnic on the side
Lorithan, Inanna, Arythyn, Lazuli, Cabol, and Summer
When Mudders Attack, tonight on FX! Arythyn, Inanna (I think), Nosferatu, Pyronnic, and Cabol challenge the Cruel Xyppe who only barely made it into the frame. Summer watches from a safe distance.
Summer and Lazuli watch someone, Maerlyn, Quujquux, and Xyppe prepare for battle with the customary casting of aspersions on the other team
A bunch more people. Mischief and Fredpie on the left, Pyronnic, Aurora, Sirinek, Ping, Mictian, Lorithan, Prohias, Solon, Ophelia, and the back of Quujquux
Brisis works on a puzzle while Anarchus provides moral support. With Mischief and some Fredpie legs on the side.
Mischief, Fredpie, and Ping eating what appear to be the most vile potato chips in existence.
Fredpie and Anarchus in the front-left, Quujquux and Mictian to back left, Ping, Nino, and Lorithan
Lyssa, Summer, Lj, and the back of Samaraun
The back of Sauraun's wife, Sauraun, Samaraun, the back of Lj, Lyssa, and the back of Summer
Someone and Quujquux enjoy a rousing game of UNO against the Evil UNO Corporation, which Quujquux ended up becoming a member of, or something.
Mictian and Squeak, the Evil UNO Corporation.
Zot vs. Hibachi! Some hot Zephyr swimsuit action in the background.